Who Is This Man?

Can you guess who this man is? He was:

  1. Educated at the University of Oxford.
  2. An instructor at the University of Oxford.
  3. A brilliant and innovative scholar.
  4. Wrote important scholarly books.
  5. Born in the 1800s.
  6. His father was a successful professional man.
  7. His mother died prematurely, in her forties.
  8. His father never remarried.
  9. Loved to teach people things he knew.
  10. Witty, and believed in the value of humor.
  11. Lived frugally and gave generously.
  12. His first name began with C.
  13. Published books under a pseudonym.
  14. Used the name Lewis on his bestsellers.
  15. A sincerely devout Christian.
  16. Prayed for people.
  17. Sometimes wrote and delivered sermons.
  18. Was interested in George MacDonald.
  19. A prodigious and delightful letter writer.
  20. Never had any children.
  21. Sent charming letters to children.
  22. Published extremely successful fantasies for children.
  23. Highly quotable.
  24. Has been translated into many languages.
  25. Died in his mid-sixties, just days before his birthday.
  26. Has sold millions of books and is world famous.
  27. There is a society for his literary fans.
  28. A favorite of Kathryn Lindskoog.
  29. 1998 was observed as his centenary year.
  30. Featured on a 1998 Royal Mail stamp.

Answer: C. S. Lewis (1898-1963) and Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) (1832-1898).

This article by the late Kathryn Lindskoog was originally published in Issue # 79 of The Lewis Legacy (Winter 1999).

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